"On the way to Lourosa, the so called “Quinta de S. Francisco” (“St Francisco’s Farm”) is a motive of sweet delight for those who feel the mysterious attraction that evolves from whatever the twist of the century has touched."


“Quinta de S. Francisco”, located 5kms far from Viseu city – or wasn’t Viseu the heart of province of Beira – is, in its whole, an appealing and restful place of the picturesque and the calm, in which one feels to live in the landscape;

 It has a vast history, dating back to the 18th Century, along with the “Casa de Treixedo” in Viseu, properties of the Viscount of Treixedo, a detached member of the province noblemen’s family.

 “Quinta de S. Francisco” owns a referenced manor house of Beira, which represents an architectural, historical and religious legacy, important for the region of Viseu.

 With about 8 hectares of vineyard, it also houses a “Chapel of Our Lady of the Slaves”, founded in 1660, a patrimonial testimony of Portugal history from the XVII th century. “Quinta de S. Francisco” also possesses the image of the Saint who gives it Its name, an example of the people’s faith and belief and of the rural lordship of the era.

“Chão de São Francisco Project” is a family project started in the 1990s aiming the dream and objective to produce and commercialize DOC wines of recognized quality.


Fonte do Chão de São Francisco